Pressure Pro Pressure Washers

Through strong values, high quality products, excellent customer service, and industry knowledge, Pressure-Pro is an internationally known industrial pressure washing company. Since 1944, Pressure-Pro offers customers a large selection of hot and cold pressure washers, replacement parts, and power washer accessories.

Green Earth Products in Florence carries a selection of Pressure-Pro pressure washers to accommodate every customer. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to find out what your specific needs are and will assist you to find the best pressure washer. Visit our warehouse in Florence today!

Why Choose Pressure-Pro?

Pressure-Pro is located in Fort Pierce, Florida and fills a 100,000+ square foot warehouse space enabling the company to develop, manufacture, and distribute all in one location, here in the United States.

The Pressure-Pro industrial and commercial pressure washers are powered by electricity, gas, or diesel. Despite the power source of the power washer, consumers can expect fast, efficient, and reliable cleaning

that can withstand any job.

The Benefits of Diesel Pressure Washers From Pressure-Pro

If you’re looking for a pressure washer that has a long engine life and can handle tough jobs, Pressure-Pro’s hot and cold diesel-powered pressure washers are ideal for the most challenging of jobs. Gum removal, cleaning grease, grime, dirt, stripping paint, and other outdoor applications are possible when using a Pressure-Pro diesel pressure washer.

Common features include stainless steel coil wraps, a rugged powder coated steel cage frame, high limit temperature protection, and a safety pressure relief allowing for easy operation for different uses.

High Quality Pressure Washers You Can Count On

All of the pressure washers from Pressure-Pro are manufactured, assembled, and delivered right here in the United States. With a lifetime warranty and aircraft quality materials, consumers can count on Pressure-Pro to produce high-performing machines.

Pressure-Pro is one of the industry leaders in engineering and they aim to continually grow with the latest in technology and design in order to offer the best pressure washers for a variety of industries and uses.

Since 1995, Pressure-Pro became a well-known name for making pressure washers of industrial grade. Whether you need a pressure washer for minor clean-ups, or you need something more powerful for the tough jobs, Pressure-Pro has a machine tough enough for what you need, and Green Earth Products is the place to buy it.

Green Earth Products is a proud distributor of Pressure-Pro products, parts, accessories, and even custom builds. Visit our shop in Florence to learn more today!