If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning equipment and pressure washing supplies for your business in Mississippi, Green Earth Products has just what you need. We carry a full range of accessories and the best professional pressure washers for sale to serve your business’ maintenance needs. Whether you are in need of a heavy-duty pressure washer to tackle the tough jobs or you require something with a little less force, the team at Green Earth Products will match you with the best commercial power washer.


Every piece of equipment and surface requires a different pressure washing application to effectively wash away dirt and grime without damaging the surface. Green Earth Products wants our customers to extend the life of their industrial equipment and keep it running like new.


When pressure washers were first introduced, they were exclusively used in commercial and industrial settings. Since then, smaller models have been built and are now available for residential use making this type of equipment even more versatile and acquiring new and innovative uses. In today’s article, we’ll feature other common uses for commercial power washers and steamers used in various industries.


Food and Beverage

Restaurants have strict rules and guidelines they are required to follow in order to pass routine inspections. Not only does the front of the restaurant need to be clean for customers, but the kitchen especially needs to be clean and disinfected regularly, as well as the exterior of the building and parking lots. It is common to find pressure washers at restaurants and they are used daily to clean mats, floors, cooking equipment, and more!



If you’ve ever been to a boat marina, you’ve likely seen a heavy-duty professional power washer somewhere on the property. Pressure washers at marinas are used to clean the boat bottoms to blast away built-up marine growth in order to maintain the look and operation of the boat.


Government and Municipalities

There are a lot of uses for power washers by municipalities and the government. Workers will use steamers and commercial pressure washers for graffiti removal on brick and cement walls. Additionally, government workers will clean fleet vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and other city vehicles like buses and trucks. Pressure washers can be used to clean and restore statues and monuments, too.


Construction Sites

Pressure washers are a mandatory piece of equipment that construction workers rely on to clean their equipment and clean up their project sites. As you can imagine, a construction site has the potential to make a big mess on the property and the machinery.


Agricultural Industries

Farms, corn fields, and other agricultural industries depend on the use of a professional power washers to clean tractors, trucks, and large machinery to keep them operating at their highest level.



Airports use a variety of pressure washers for several different purposes. Airports utilize large industrial power washers to clean runways and rid them of debris to enforce safety for airport personnel and aircrafts. Smaller, less powerful pressure washers are also used to keep service vehicles clean and for other general cleaning purposes.


Commercial and Property Owners

Many property management companies and building owners will utilize power washers to clean awnings, siding, windows, trash bins, and essentially anything that needs to be cleaned. In this industry, smaller power washers, or soft washers, are used along with cleaning solutions to gently wash away the dirt and grime.


Green Earth Products is proud to carry the best names in steam cleaners and pressure washers to solve your company’s dirtiest cleaning jobs. As a distributor of the top brands in industrial power washers you can count on Green Earth Products to match you with the best commercial power washer. And if we can’t find the perfect washer for your needs, we’ll build you one instead!


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