LANDA Pressure Washer

Rugged, reliable, and built to last are just a few standards of LANDA pressure washers. LANDA has maintained their hard-earned reputation since 1969 for providing industry professionals with strong industrial pressure washers that can withstand the elements.

Green Earth Products in Florence is a proud distributor of such a well known name in commercial pressure washers. No matter how big or how small the task at hand is, you can count on an industrial pressure washer from Green Earth Products to get the job done.

Why Choose LANDA?

If you believe in hard work, persistence, and determination then you have a few of the same values that LANDA was built on. Founded in Portland, Oregon, LANDA soon became an industry leader and a household name. Within 30 years, LANDA was the country’s largest manufacturer of industrial pressure washers. Now, LANDA sells over 300 hot and cold water washers, pressure washers parts, detergents, and more.

Top Rated Pressure Washers

LANDA’s state-of-the-art factory has enabled the pressure washer manufacturer to be among the first to be certified by the ISO-9001 quality standards and have since earned a number of quality achievement awards. Famous for its ruggedness and quality craftsmanship, it is no surprise that LANDA pressure washers are one of the top rated pressure washers in the market.

Cleaning Solutions For Every Industry

LANDA is a well-known name in the pressure washing industry, as well as the construction, agriculture, mining and drilling, commercial, and building services industry. LANDA keeps the idea simple: clean equipment lasts longer.

High-pressure washers like LANDA that blast away dirt, mud, grease, grime, and anything else that your equipment collects over time are exactly what industry professionals are looking for in a pressure washer.

Where To Buy LANDA Pressure Washers

Green Earth Products distributes and services LANDA pressure washers. If you’re looking cold or hot water pressure washers that can withstand your toughest jobs, then consider LANDA. Be sure to ask about their gas and diesel powered hot water pressure washers as these machines deliver and can effectively clean any job, big or small!